“I had a tooth extracted in March 2013 and shortly after developed Tinnitus.

I had a tooth extracted in March 2013 and shortly after developed Tinnitus. My daughter made an appointment for me at the Hearing Wellness Center with Dr. Gervais. I needed hearing aids in both ears and I’ve been using the programs daily. Dr. Gervais explains everything and the staff are so nice and always make me feel comfortable. If any problems occur, they have always been so kind and helpful and I always appreciate their thoughtfulness.”

Judy K.

“I just love hearing well!

I notice it especially when I am in groups. I am part of the conversation in a way that I have not been in years. It is a way of feeling younger.”

Ruth T.

“The Hearing Wellness Center is great!

Dr. Downs and the entire staff always make me feel welcome and at home. My new hearing aids work much better than my old ones-they have really improved my quality of life. I can’t imagine going back to my old ones. Thank you Hearing Wellness Center!”

Grant S.

“I have been very well pleased with my hearing aids.

I don’t think I really realized I was hard of hearing until I could hear again. They cur out much of the background sounds so I can hear one voice and not a scramble of sounds. Many of my friends wear hearing aids and have to take them out to hear on the telephone. I always put mine on to hear on the phone. I don’t know what the difference is that I can hear better with them on and they can’t. My hearing aids are Oticon, they are small and very comfortable.”

Lorraine H.

“A grateful patient!

After some needed attitude adjustment, due to the aversion of wearing a hearing device, I am NOW wearing customized, small, high technology hearing aids and truthfully loving both of them and nobody knows they are in use.

I kept my initial appointment with an Audiologist feeling disenchanted, even annoyed, that I was subjecting myself to doing this. I was adding some real unhappiness into the situation and ready to reject the audiogram results. Astonishing news—I had slowly and silently lost over 30% of my normal hearing ability.

The calming and patient approach provided by the Audiologist helped me take the next step to improved hearing. The comfortable design of my chosen hearing instrument altered this disbeliever into an advocate of trying new technology and the benefits-in conclusion-a grateful patient now.”

Marie F.

“My wife is also happy because she no longer has to repeat herself when she speaks to me.

After many years of hearing difficulty, I am finally hearing much better with my new hearing aids. I no longer need to look directly at a person and try to read their lips, plus I no longer have to ask, “What did you say,” or worse yet, answer someone with a completely unrelated answer because what I heard was not what was being asked. Those times led to some embarrassing moments.

I am now able to carry on a more intelligent conversation because I feel confident that what I am hearing is correct and that includes phone conversations that were difficult to understand in the past.

My wife is also happy because she no longer has to repeat herself when she speaks to me. There were many times when she would just not ask me something because she knew i would be saying, “What?” We had stopped communicating. Plus when we are watching TV now, the volume doesn’t have to be deafening and a nuisance to others.

It also seems, that even when I don’t have my hearing aids in, I still hear a little better than before. It may be that he mind is expecting to hear more now.

And also, I can now hear my children and grandchildren more clearly when they talk to me.

Although my hearing may not be as good as it was 45 years ago, thanks to the Hearing Wellness Center and Siemens hearing aids, it’s pretty darn close. Close enough to satisfy me and my family.”

Ron C.

Why wait? You don't have to live with hearing loss.