Welcome to our Advantage Audiology Patients!

The Duluth-based Hearing Wellness Center has been approved by Dr. Heather Zimmel herself to become your new audiology provider!

The Hearing Wellness Center and Tinnitus Treatment Center was founded in 2012 by Dr. Sara Downs and Dr. Jonathan Gervais. With decades of experience, we offer a different approach that encompasses the whole person. Our customized HearWell program includes strategies for prevention, communication coaching, and ongoing support to help you achieve optimal hearing. Dr. Zimmel has had a similar philosophy, and she sees us as a natural fit for the future of Advantage Audiology and Hearing Healthcare.

In the coming months, you will see the name of the practice change. What we didn’t change was the exceptional service, great staff, and core values that we all hold dear. To show you that commitment, we have two announcements we’re thrilled to make:

Hearing Wellness Center will honor the warranties and care plans you have obtained through Dr. Zimmel.

We are excited to bring Dr. Andrea Wilson to Hearing Wellness Center full-time. You may have already met her last spring when she was completing an internship with Dr. Zimmel. Dr. Downs and Dr. Gervais will be seeing patients in the Bemidji office along with Dr. Wilson with extended hours and more availability.

We cannot wait to meet you! In the meantime, you can read our full welcome letter here or check out what our patients think of us.