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Welcome to the Hearing Wellness Center and Tinnitus Treatment Center

We have a new vision for hearing healthcare, a vision that encompasses the whole person.  We don’t live in isolated sound booths where hearing tests are typically done.  We live in a world with dynamic sound environments.  When learning about you and designing a HearWell™ program for you, we consider the places where you do most of your listening:  What types of environments are you in? Who are you talking to most often? Are you an active cell phone user? What types of social environments are common for you?  What challenges do you currently have with hearing? We also want to know more about other health conditions you have that may be a factor in your hearing.  We want to know about your nutrition and physical activity because all of these play a role in optimal hearing health.  If you have a hearing loss, we offer solutions that go far beyond hearing aids.  Our customized HearWell™ Program is tailored individually to each and every one of our patients.  HearWell™ programs can include hearing  technology, hearing protection, listening and lifestyle coaching to optimize your investment in your hearing health.

We’re glad you found us and we can’t wait to meet you.  Call today to schedule an appointment for a HearWell™ consultation. 

The Region’s First: Tinnitus Treatment Center

There is HOPE for tinnitus sufferers! Despite what many people are told, there is help available for tinnitus.  The Tinnitus Treatment Center is directed by Dr. Sara K. Downs, an audiologist who has been working with tinnitus patients for ten years.  Her passion for tinnitus has led her to study many areas in addition to audiology such as nutrition, mindfulness, and sleep hygiene, each of which can have an impact on successful tinnitus management.  Dr. Downs has come to develop an eclectic method of treatment with a base in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy.  This holistic and progressive model has been very successful as each treatment plan is tailored to the individual based on their medical history, noise exposure history, hearing test results, current diet, sleep, and exercise habits, and which areas of life are being affected by the tinnitus most.  “Many people come in anxious and distraught, feeling like’ Tinnitus Has Them’, they can’t escape that sound in their heads.  My goal is to help them get to a place where they have tinnitus but only if they listen for it. Where they are in control of whether or not they hear the tinnitus. We use the body’s natural abilities to habituate in a process that is comforting and supportive to achieve fantastic outcomes. At the close of the treatment plan, most patients report that they are no longer bothered by tinnitus, many no longer hear it at all. Our professionals here at Tinnitus Treatment Center are highly skilled and ultimately compassionate. We really see our patients through. ” said Dr. Downs.  

If tinnitus has become a problem for you, please know you don’t have to “live with it.” Call the Tinnitus Treatment Center for a consultation and we’ll design a customized treatment plan for you. We can help!